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Estates & Trust

  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Administration of Estates
  • Fiduciary & Related Tax Returns

Many individuals and families find LA & Company, LLC and invaluable resource for complete estate planning. LA & Company, LLC can advise you on how to plan for the future. A complete estate tax planning service is available. Often when someone dies, their spouse or heirs are left owing huge sums of money in inheritance taxes. Proper planning can save heirs from paying unnecessary inheritance taxes or federal estate taxes

Trusts can be set up to protect your assets. LA & Company, LLC can advise on how to have your will written and assist you in properly distributing your property without paying undue taxes or penalties. Often gifts to family member given at the proper time and for certain amounts can reduce your income tax and eliminate inheritance taxes later.

The personnel at LA & Company, LLC are highly qualified in the areas of proper titling of property, distribution of assets, establishing revocable living trusts and sheltering your assets from estate and inheritance taxes.

LA & Company, LLC is qualified to act as a fiduciary of the “Personal Representative” of your estate. This enables the company to properly manage your money, file all of the necessary taxes and related forms, and then distribute the remaining wealth to your heirs according to your wishes.