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Income Tax

  • Individual/Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Fiduciary/estate
  • Tax Planning

LA & Company, LLC does more than just prepare tax returns. A continual effort is made to help clients minimize their tax liabilities. Tax planning is an all-important aspect of the business. LA & Company, LLC keeps abreast of the ever-changing tax laws and regulations. Clients are given up-to-date information and interpretations of proposed legislation, IRS rulings and Treasury regulations.

The advanced in-house computer system is fast and efficient. Clients will often know if they owe Uncle Sam or if they will be receiving a tax refund before they leave the office.

As CPA’s and Enrolled Agents, we are qualified to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. We encourage our team members to obtain these credentials to insure that they are highly qualified and better prepared to represent our clients through all tax examinations on the Federal and State level. Any audit or examination will be less grueling when LA & Company, LLC represents you.

Fast and efficient electronic transfer of income tax returns permits clients of LA & Company, LLC to receive their tax refunds in days with no additional cost to the client.