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Work/Life Philosophy

The Firm partners realize and believe in the importance of supporting a healthy work/life balance for all of our employees. We believe that when individuals are given the opportunity to balance work and personal time, they give their best effort in all phases of their lives.. Taking time off to attend a child’s soccer game or ballet recital is not a problem at LA, it’s a necessity. We structure work schedules to reasonably fit our employees’ family life, we are lenient with the need for time away from work during typical work hours, and we encourage the staff to work from home where it makes sense to do so. We have recently reduced our busy season work requirement hours from 55 to 52. Additionally, we initiated more favorable summer working hours by closing the office at 2:00pm on Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day. While recognizing that the firm is our business, we have tried to make the work portion of our lives be as compatible to our family needs as much as possible.

We also like to have fun together. We take pleasure in several fun, firm events throughout the year. We enjoy an annual Christmas party and an after busy season party on April 15th each year. We also have a yearly firm retreat where the entire firm joins together at an off- site location to discuss firm issues and enjoy an afternoon of food, fun and games. Continuing our desire for a family- friendly environment, we also sponsor baby showers and wedding showers for our employees about to experience a major change in their lives. Many current and former employees have made life-long friendships at Lombardo Ayers & Company.